About Me

Hello guys,

Welcome to my site,
This site contains some information about my life and its particle.
I am from Denpasar Bali,
graduated in Bachelor Mechanical Engineering ITB Bandung, work at Balai Teknologi Industri Kreatif Keramik – BPPT, Bali, Indonesia. I also still study in Magister Mechanical Engineering Udayana University Bali. I like travelling, fishing, & dating. LoL

Maybe you want to feel free & peaceful, you can enjoy your holiday in Bali & other island in Indonesia.

I feel nice to meet you guys, hope God always bless us.

You can also visit my social media acount :

Facebook : Dwipayana Cool
LINE : dwipayana_cool
Instagram : dwipayanacool
Twitter : @DwipayanaCool
Path : dwipayana_cool@yahoo.com
Youtube : Dwipayana Cool
Linkedln : Dwipayana Cool

BBM : 5203C49D

Let’s enjoy life & see you later guys 😎



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